1. Transformation into a douchebag complete.

  2. From the LaBeouf Collection.

  3. EricLR

    Gotta go talk to Letterman, and then it’s back to the construction site.

  4. catapostrophe

    Rugged is as rugged does.

  5. wow

    a mix of Brad Pitt with Shia with any other douche you can think of.

  6. caley

    “Yeah, that’s right I’m Channing Tatum. Yes, I do look taller on TV. No, that guy in the cap and sunglasses is nobody, I’m the real Channing Tatum.”

  7. Seriously, is there a difference between him and Taylor Kitsch?

  8. cc

    Keep that hat on dude you’ve go to protect a scarce commodity…your brain cells.

  9. ‘My Giant 2′ ?

  10. This guy looks like every douche hanging out at douche clubs every Saturday, except for some reason this one is wearing a packing blanket.

  11. I’m about fed up with Channing Tatum. I think I’ll check Wikipedia for a list of his movies so I’ll never go see any of them.

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