1. That explains the squeaky, womanly voice.

  2. yoop

    intentional or not that’s funny shit right there

  3. He seems more manly, somehow.

  4. When did Scott Disick get so butch?

  5. CrashHell

    I’d still give Scott a Clevland Steamer, probably more so now.

  6. EricLR

    So the rumors ARE true!

  7. Emma Watson's Vagina

    so Scott Disick was dating Marilyn Manson

  8. I laughed so hard at this

  9. Best picture of Scott Disick ever. I don’t even feel like punching him.

  10. tlmck

    Terry Richardson strikes again.

  11. donkeylicks

    Do you like Kanye West?

  12. All he had to do was darken his hair and put on a nice dress…hell, I’d fuck him!

  13. kurgen99

    Nice boobs Scott!

  14. thespiral

    Who knew Scott Disick had such sweet tits underneath all the cheesy leisure suits?

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