1. Yep, Instagram still sucks.

  2. OK NASA, haha. Very funny. How did you develop this filter?

  3. Snooki is my new thinspo!

  4. I love how this slag and all the other Jersey Shore mutants have just fallen off the planet. Hurricane Sandy did its job perfectly.

  5. alex

    Damn it.

  6. yoop

    Good for her for getting into shape. Someone should have told her to avoid Miley Cyrus’ dentist though.

  7. anonymous

    She actually look good here. Even younger and healthier.

    However, everyone knows that her vag has been entered by guidos more than the New Jersey Turnpike.

  8. Damn! She’s looking good. Now I can admit in public that I would fuck Snooki and be chased out of the room by people with actual standards.

  9. babychunks

    terrible photoshop is terrible

    • Superman Skeptic

      I don’t think it’s photoshop– she’s just taking advantage of the perspective/distortion of a wide phone lens. I mean, do we seriously think her shoulders are, what? Three times as wide as her waist?

  10. Sheppy

    WTF is happening!?

  11. Fuck it, I would. Dammit.

  12. Brought It

    All I see is TEEF.

  13. She got her teeth from the same dentist Matt Dillion used for Something About Mary.

  14. ruckus

    She is on the Photoshop Diet.

  15. AtomicMug

    She’s STILL Snooki.

  16. dontkillthemessenger

    Her teeth are now bigger than her waist.

    I think that was true before she lost the weight.

  17. Emma Watson's Vagina

    So Alyssa Milano made a sequel to her exercise video.

  18. EricLR

    I’m drinking Valtrex, and one day I’m gonna be big and strong!

  19. Mike1

    This is what it looks like after I ate my baby. What? What do you mean the placenta?

  20. lily

    Still short and fug, no matter what weight.

  21. Isabella

    The nails and the teeth need to go >.

  22. RobN

    The teeth are disturbing, but all in all, it’s a nice effort to be less icky.

  23. Jentilly

    Like her or hate her (I hate her) you have to admit she looks pretty good!

  24. She looks good. Good for Snookie anyways.

  25. Skippy86

    and still no one gives a shit.

  26. tlmck

    On top of everything else, her dentures do not fit well.

  27. Up next on the Congressional agenda: BRING BACK FAT SNOOKI.

  28. NaomiBlake

    Midget toss? challenge accepted

  29. She definitely looks better without makeup.

  30. lady

    I just had the most bizarre realization: Snooki (without makeup) & Kim Kardashian (without makeup) look scarily similar.

  31. anonym

    holy shit. she starved herself.

    Google shows she ate cafeteria-quality food to lose all that weight.

  32. Yeah, show us those toned bicep-uh … nevermind.

  33. She looks a whole lot better. Now I would definitely let her suck my dick.

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