1. I don’t believe it’s really him. With so many internet memes and costumes, you just can’t trust your eyes anymore. He’s become like a unicorn.

  2. Looks more like “The Flier”.

  3. Wow, talk about fiction….a United flight is on time?

  4. Short Round

    Call makeup. We need less Dracula!

  5. Declaration of Independence: DELAYED

  6. “The bunny… in the box… seriously, NONE of you have seen Con Air?”

  7. bernard

    that guy over there is wearing a Nicolas Cage mask too!

  8. “Why did you say you love me on the Big Bang Theory and what the fuck does bazinga mean?”

  9. Flatliner

    He’s starting to look like Data.

  10. ImDeluded


  11. Swearin

    “I’m going to steal…Delta flight DL 1119.”

  12. damn son you lookin raw as hell

  13. nice wig Travolta.

  14. Why can’t someone else be Mister Pink?

  15. &@&#%$

    He’s staring incredulously at Coco

  16. celebutard

    Damn. I really wish the word DELAYED was completely visible right by his head.

  17. California Pete Campbell IN “Not Without My Coke Bloat.”

  18. How long has he been dead for?

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