1. Raiding grandma’s clothing again it appears…

  2. eric

    Wasn’t she Aunt Mae in Spiderman?

  3. Short Round

    The Amish. Getting wilder every year.

  4. Two hairstyles, one for each personality?

  5. Whoa, not good. I can’t believe we used to jerk off to this.

  6. “This will stop you perverts from talking about how gigantic my tits are.”

  7. Sister Mary Clarence?

  8. ImDeluded

    You hugged Madonna, didn’t you?

  9. Is she becoming a Duggar?

  10. I had no idea the Spider-Man movies paid so well that she can afford to not give a fuck so early in life.

  11. I didn’t know airplane travel was permissible for the Amish.

  12. cc

    Little Homely on the Prairie

  13. Reese Witherspoon called. She offered to give you some of her chin

  14. Senor Trout

    Had to check after seeing this, and I was wrong – ‘Interview With a Vampire’ was released 20 years ago, not 40.

  15. Ronny

    Actually, it looks like she just had a peel.

  16. tlmck

    Butter everything.

  17. goodwolfe21

    When you compare this shot to her latest heavily photoshopped ad for Loreal we saw the other day, you’d swear they were not the same person…

  18. Seven… days…

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