1. “Please don’t let it be that fat peasant that writes me all the time saying we’re twinsies.. Please don’t let it be her…”

  2. This is NOT what people are looking for when searching for “Ireland” on this site…

  3. Her Majesty’s icing is in danger of falling off.

  4. Short Round

    - I just won the auction for the flashing Easter Bunny suit!!!
    - Kate, the Queen!
    - What?! Who?… Oh, yeah… Hey, wanna see me flashing at Easter?

  5. John Cocktosen

    Melissa McCarthy’s traveling far and wide to promote Tammy.

  6. “Hey y’all… She’s wearin’ a cake!”

  7. “OH MY GOD! It says that there’s going to be PIE afterwords!”

  8. leesigh3


  9. The danger of everyone and their brother taking photos with their phones of everything.

    I have a dreadful fear of being caught on someone else’s phone photos or videos during a concert. Pretty sure my ‘screaming along to black metal while being crushed by hundreds of sweaty male black metal fans’ face would put this to shame in the embarrassment department.

  10. Lasagna hog

    “Haha! If this was twenty years ago we would have blown her up already!”

  11. ImDeluded

    That’s the same reaction that Jeff Gordon gets at every truckstop.

  12. Is that the fat chick from that movie that was like The Hangover, but with chicks and not funny?

  13. Pretty much what you’d expect from the city that brought us the Titanic.

  14. cc

    Speaking as someone of Irish descent allow me to say the woman on the left looks sooooo Irish…not a handsome people.

    And to head off any of you wiseasses, I am only half Irish, so shut up.

  15. “Oh my God y’all, Bill Clinton just winked at me!”

  16. Flatliner

    Oh yeah, thinks the man behind the Queen, I can get a quick grab of some prime royal ass while that shrieking (shrek-ing?) woman creates a diversion.

  17. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Guy whispering from behind, “Avert your eyes, mum – Pikeys!”

  18. Willeeee

    “Blimey I’ve singed me bloody eyebrows off again!”

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