1. Hep C mixed with Agent Orange… that’s a hell of a thing.

  2. JC

    Wait, she posted this herself, of her own volition? Yikes.

  3. Are the town folk pelting her with dirt and herpes again?

  4. They’re called flare-ups, not freckles.

  5. yourmom

    Yes, I can see your point. Those are awful. But, I still think you should start with the face when you go in for laser treatment. I’m sure nothing will go wrong. You still have that card Tara Reid gave you, right?

  6. Cock Dr

    It takes incredible persistence to obtain that type of awful sun damage….on your crotch area.

  7. Marketing Mike

    Those are needle marks on her hips/thighs, right?

  8. Somebody’s been wiping back to front.

  9. The backsplash of diarrhea can be menacing.

  10. Heck, I think she looks pretty good; but I’m clearly in the minority.

  11. Thank you Lindsay, for helping me discover just how much vomit I can projectile in a single sitting.

  12. Don’t go anywhere near her nether regions until whatever the hell is going on down there clears up.

  13. anonymous

    Someone must of told her that look of desperation for a fix is sexy.

  14. I’ve had Ginger Beer but never tried Ginger Beard.

  15. ImDeluded

    Kids, if you have sex without a condom, this is what your pevlic region could look like.

  16. kenny

    *smh* Sad, just sad

  17. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    As this is the last full week before she turns 28, is this a form of suicide note? Probably not – she’s always late or a no-show

  18. I don’t know why I find her so sexy. I know she’s a drug addicted fuck up and a pathological liar. I have every reason to write her off, but I can’t seem to do it.

    I’d fuck the freckles off her. I know. I suck.

  19. n10sive

    “They’re right! Stabbing those crabs with an ice pick really does work!”

  20. cc

    A celebratory glass of champagne to celebrate her sobriety.

  21. everyone went ape shit on instagram saying she has a disease, its fucking FRECKLES U TWATS

  22. what’s with the poop references? she’s a hot mess but there’s no poo.

  23. I like all the photo effects on Instagram. I use lo-fi, valencia, even kelvin. My favorite, though, is hip-to-hip-flaming-afro-bush.

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