1. JC

    Some lucky 6-year-old is about to get wrecked on her birthday.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Whoa, what the fuck did she do to herself? She looks much better than usual…Cinday margolis blood transfusion?

    • I always thought she was the best of the three. Holly looks like she’s made of plastic and Kendra is so obnoxious I want to cave her head in with a chunk of concrete the second she opens her mouth.

  3. It had to be said

    Wow. Our baby shower was NOTHING like that one is about to be.

  4. Topher

    How cute, she bought Hef some toys and his diapers… Money well spent I say..

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I know it shouldn’t drink but it has a mind of its own.

  6. Jenny with a Y

    Best baby shower gift ever!

  7. cc

    Fortunately, you can’t Ryan Dunn yourself in a Big Wheel.

  8. Looks like Bridget (or Not-Holly as Hef called her) has been digging through boxes of her old baby stuff.

  9. Squishy

    Who? And she is heading into a steakhouse with that?!

  10. AleisterCrowley

    Baby shower gifts for the hard living baby.

  11. SIN

    It’s for the Fateher of the child. He will be in a room with many beautiful women, including his pregnant wife, and he can’t screw any of them. He needs to get hammerd early.

  12. Hef

    Just what she needs…more plastic.

  13. vitobonespur

    What the fuck kind of rinky-dink restaurant is it where you gotta bring your own Margarita makin’s?

  14. when did they start selling margaritas at toys-r-us?

  15. Much like smoking, just quitting sex with Hef has immediate benefits to the body.

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