1. cc

    Rich Frank…coming soon to an episode of Dateline.

  2. Cock Dr

    I don’t think there’s any way to spin this. That’s full on hobbit ass grabbage.

  3. The Critical Crassness

    Rich Frank: Looking for his “Pretty” in all the wrong places!

  4. Poor Frodo, everyone’s after his O ring.

  5. It had to be said

    The joke’s on Rich. Frodo crapped his pants.

  6. Anon

    This is not the Precious you are looking for….

  7. guess who’s buying dinner

  8. Laluni

    Aaand.. Elijah’s got wood.

  9. AleisterCrowley

    Frank is rich cuz he charges for services?

  10. Looks more like Barney Frank.

  11. Nik

    This is honestly creepy.

  12. Squishy

    Whoever Rich Frank is…damn creepy freek!! Frodo should press charges!!

  13. Jack

    Where’s PedoBear when you need him?

  14. Chris Hansen

    Is this the newest NAMBLA recruiting poster?

  15. i’m staying out of this as i can see Rich has his hands full,

  16. wilsjay


  17. SIN

    I’m not doing it!! Michael Jackson is channeling through me!

  18. Meat

    Is the guy on the left the lead in Heartbeeps 2?

  19. KC

    Frodo makes a mental note to enunciate better when telling Samwise to “grab my lembas.”

  20. TyroneBiggums

    Michael Jackson has been reincarnated as an old white man.

    Oh wait……………..

  21. vlad

    And now we know why Elijah thinks his dog can talk to him…molestation can lead to psychosis….

  22. does touching a hobbit count as child molestation?

  23. MrsWrong

    ….at a NAMBLA convention

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