1. Two drinks? Well its his prerogative.

  2. Crissy

    Right about now, Bobby wishes he were an octopus…

  3. EricLr

    Why is he surreal?

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I’ve seen things on top of bonfires put together better than that

  5. mamamiasweetpeaches

    BOOBY Brown?

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I wouldn’t trust this guy not to drown in 12 inches of water either.

  7. Pierce Bronzetan

    That knee suggests he didn’t have to pay for that drink.

  8. guttboy

    I was gonna say something mean..and then I realized that my torso kinda looks like his……getting old sucks.

  9. The Brown Streak

    You got something on your leg…oh, wait…never mind….Lindsay just snorted it up.

  10. your mom

    He’s clearly having a hard time dealing with Whitney’s death.

  11. Frank The Duck

    I hate these guys… they always use dirty water to wash your windshield….

  12. Replace those two drinks with pickle jars filled with feces and urine and you have Bobby Brown circa 2015.

  13. AAPL made me rich!

    Eh yo this one aint got enough carbs

  14. The Pope

    “If I were you, and you were me….we’d both be drunk.”

  15. doogleberg

    Is he in the dead pool yet? Let’s see: diabetes, check…thyroid condition, check…failing liver, check. I got Bobby and the under.

  16. Slimchance

    - It’s Bobby BROWN aight? Nowdays, erything be brown. Brown drinks, brown shorts…
    – What about your blue hat?
    - Whatchutalkinbout, blue-hat…

  17. So that’s what he wore to his wedding!!!

  18. “Maaan, these are my 14th and 15th drinks. Ain’t nobody humpin’ around.”

  19. How did Whitney beat him to the dirt nap?

  20. lily

    Fat and ugly

  21. YoMamma

    Ladies, imagine this sloppy animal climbing on top of you. You’re welcome.

  22. gigi

    Ashy Larry?

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