1. FanGirl


  2. EricLr

    $300 t-shirts are so punk.

  3. celebutard

    Kate Beckinsale on heroin?

  4. Pre-op life is hard.

  5. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    i would love to be a fly on the wall of an editor’s office at Marvel comics, when an artist comes in with a pin -up of her and tries to explain it to the editor that this is anatomically correct.

  6. cc

    She’s playing a strung out 60s groupie…I hope.

  7. Lord Invader

    This looks like some Ashton-Demi fertility experiment that went horribly wrong.

  8. Would someone please introduce her to food!!

  9. lily

    wow, shes really wasting away.
    she looks like michael jackson wit that pointy nose. not cute

  10. vgrly

    Skeletor’s sister. Yikes.

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