1. FanGirl

    macaulay culkin?

  2. Cock Dr

    There is no “Y” chromosome here.

  3. EricLr

    Just the thought of what he had to do to Ryan Seacrest to get that recording contract still makes him throw up a little.

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches

    His fashion sense just keeps getting worse and worse

    diamond studded whistle?? Nigga please!

  5. A thought going through that head would one of the quickest trips ever…

  6. Great White Pygmy

    “And then I’d blow my rape whistle. Like this…”

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Cool… I always wanted a vajazzled rape whistle.

  8. Bonky

    He really hates kissing girls, doesn’t he ?

  9. DeucePickle

    After seeing pictures of Macaulay Culkin, he realizes how lucky he is that he was never invited to Neverland Ranch.

  10. MisterSuccint

    J … U … S … damn, I know this! Come on, think!

  11. Bieber’s Celebrity Advice

    “And if you hold your hand like this, the paps can’t get a photograph of the penis in your mouth!”

  12. The Brown Streak

    Let me reenact every time Kevin Durant gets hacked….hmmm…why won’t my whistle work? Play on!

  13. Again, with the uber rape whistle.

  14. rospo

    ”to puke or not to puke… oh I’m a genius, they’ll quote me !”

  15. Perplexity

    Ohmygod. what if that pool boy talks. Everybody knows what happened to Ricky Martin when he came out. Frick.

  16. Goos

    Is that–*retch*–is that a p-p-pussy?!?!?!

  17. Nix

    Wait, according to Kierkegaard the work I do expresses my worth as a person not how much I get paid for it? Damn, I just lost my innocence…. Selenaaaa!

  18. JC

    “Wait…what if my music does suck?”

  19. SSHGuru

    Bieber… Bieber.. how do I spell that again?

  20. Thought Bubble: “Selena keeps hinting for me to go down on her, but what do I do if I get a pube between my teeth…??? Is it the same as when I get one from a dick?”

  21. *burp*

    “Can anyone else taste the ocean right now?”

  22. KC

    Finally listened to his own music.

  23. No fucking way they gave me a silver sharpie. I’M wearing gold today! MOM!!!!!

  24. Blech

    Spit or swallow, dude.

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