1. Looks like Boba Fett finally caught the wookie.

  2. Benny B

    shes trying so hard to be good looking, and even if it worked everyones still gonna call her chewbacca and shit

  3. Kris Jenner looks like Al Pacino as the devil in “The Devil’s Advocate”

  4. EricLR

    I bet the people around her are wondering how it got so cold in the middle of summer in California.

  5. farrellthib

    those jeans didn’t have torn holes until she put them on

  6. Jessica

    Ha ha! Kloe isn’t the fat Kardashian any more !

  7. ThisWillHurt

    How did Kris Jenner remove the hood from her cloak without damaging it? An dhow did she get the goats’ blood out?

  8. Why is it that people who are always trying to lose weight, “But just can’t seem to get the pounds off, no mater what”, are usaully the same people who will do something like EAT ICE CREAM WHILE WALKING!?!?! Seriously, people who are “naturally” thin DON’T walk and eat! It’s a very simple process, you freakin’ wookie!!

  9. Cock Dr

    Are those denim leggings? Were those a pair of nice new relaxed fit jeans this morning?

  10. That T-shirt might be ironic on someone else.

  11. Brit

    So how did she escape from the forest moon Endor?

  12. Teddy


  13. babychunks

    The lying witch and the bad wardrobe

  14. vincentmain

    Wookie Toe!!

  15. I hate how fucking pleased with herself Kris Jenner looks in every picture taken of her. Just a soulless vacuum of a human being.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      She has the pavlovian dog response to smile as soon as she’s aware a camera in on her.

  16. cc

    Is t-shirt some sort of ironic Chanel thing or what?

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