1. there is a lot going on here. probably a lot more going on behind the scenes. and by behind the scenes, I mean that mushroom of tucked junk visible from the backside.

  2. You take the 15 to the 405 and then any of the three lanes down the middle of Sonja Morgan’s chest.

  3. EricLR

    I think her tits are trying to make a run for it.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    How many Madonna photos are you gonna shove in here, Photo Boy?

  5. That guy is SO happy to be looking in a different direction.

  6. Looks as if she went for the Tori Spelling chest.

  7. Sonja no-mor-again, please

  8. She can do what she wants, she was married to Kurt Cobain, you guys

  9. Your move, Patridge…

  10. Geezus, not even the Khyber Pass is that wide.

  11. babychunks

    “and for my next trick I will pull a random member of Green day out of my ass.”

  12. cc

    I tell you, compared to Runway 66 of old, this show is -1,000

  13. What the hell is this guy doing?

  14. Ugh. Even my drag friends put this llama-faced mutant to shame.

  15. “I must be careful so my Jell-O molds don’t fall out.”

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