1. OMG who’s that pathetic woman trying to look young with all… uhmmm… never mind…

  2. She just caught her reflection on the car hood. It’s disappointing to us too, Demi.

  3. diego

    Sadly, she’s still light years hotter than any of her uber-mandibled hellspawn

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Poor woman. She actually believes she narrowly escaped being hit by a parked car.

  5. I’m gonna pop some tags…

  6. sparky

    Picking up her daily take-out “energy food” in a paper hit-it-&-quit-it bag…how subtle.

  7. Gladly bang her over her daughters any day and feel no shame about it.

  8. “No, car, I was talking to the tree.”

  9. cc

    Suddenly, with a chill, Demi realized that Gino Vannelli was right all those years ago.

  10. I just don’t know how much Moore I can stand…

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