1. Looks like that kid’s ready for high school.

  2. Looks like she stole one of Lacey Wildd’s boobs

  3. Josephus

    It looks like Toad from the Mario Brothers got stuck in her dress.

  4. I wish she’d have that baby. I have to see this every day directly after lunch and it’s making me feel bloated.

  5. See Beyonce? This is how a pregnant woman’s belly is supposed to look.

  6. EricLR

    Okay, I’m just going to be the first one to say it out loud here. She has been pregnant now for over 2 years, and at a certain point, I really think Social Services should step in.

  7. Ive never seen a pregnant woman with a stomach so hard.

    She looks like my alcoholic neighbor who has cirrhosis of the liver.

  8. yourmom

    Poor dear, the 8th trimester is usually the most uncomfortable…

  9. Blue suits Jessica Simpson.

  10. the sad thing is that’s an ipad.

  11. ruckus

    I thought the green m&m was the chick….

  12. catapostrophe

    Is she or isn’t she? Let the pregnancy rumors begin!

  13. Some Crass Dude

    That pimple is gonna pop any day now!

  14. “Eventually, the spore is expelled and grows into a new organism, and the cycle begins anew.”

  15. Brit

    Your move, Beyonce.

  16. If we follow the Kim Kardashian gestation chart, Busy is only 4 months pregnant.

  17. Lou Braccant

    The Red Plains Rideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer YAH!!!!

  18. Holy fuck, are there like 10 kids in there? Is she birthing a litter?

  19. I’ve never seen anyone make Jiffy Pop horizontally before.

  20. Jenn

    Eternally pregnant, the Goddess Busy will bring down wrath upon any who deny her ice cream or air conditioning.

  21. One can almost hear that fabric reaching its molecular breaking point.

  22. Freebie

    I don’t remember Beyonce even come close to looking like this. Now she knows how to be pregnant.

  23. cc

    It’ll be neat seeing that kid driving her home from hospital.

  24. Sorry, i will never agree with the ‘pregnancy is beautiful’ crowd. That shit is nasty.

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