1. Sniff my wife’s crotch?
    That poor dog never saw him coming.

  2. He’s about to kick the shit out of that dog for coming over when he called him.

  3. sprub

    “Move over, bitch”, said the four-legged creature

  4. Brit

    Who’s Oliver Martinez and why is Bono posing for a photo behind that dog?

  5. ruckus

    Bono and wife Ali Hewson.

  6. ksmack

    Please, please just lift your leg….

  7. Queen Pecas

    …or in his case, at the premiere of “Girl Most Likely to Go Shit Crazy on Your Ass.”

  8. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Ahh, Paris. It would seem the city natives not only like their streets caked with dogshit, but their red carpets too.

  9. That’s a Red Carpet event in France?

    Are you sure it’s not just a new JC Penney opening up somewhere in the Midwest?

  10. Poor Halle Berry is carrying this bastard’s progeny and here he is cheating on her with some little bitch.

  11. babychunks

    sweet dad jeans, creepy dude

  12. cc

    Is that the dog with Jesus on his ass?

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