1. I see two reason to love this picture.

  2. Check out Dave Navarro hovering in the back, waiting to move in.

  3. Drew

    At least she understands her tits is all anyone cares about, because holy shit that looks ridiculous.

  4. Getting their photo taken with her just screwed up the evening plans for two people in this picture.

  5. Joey Tribbiani

    “Show him your bra! He’s afraid of bras! Can’t work ‘em!”

  6. Beer Baron

    That’s on Hollywood and Vine, right out in front of hot overpriced Katsuya! White people’s Japanese food!

  7. I don’t know who she is, but I like her sense of style.

  8. “Hey. Here’s my tits.”

  9. It’s really obvious to even the most ignorant observer that you’re wearing a brassiere. Here, I can fix that if you just let me unhook it for you…

  10. cc

    Those are delightful.

  11. women are dumb

    women are such idiots. i don’t care about feminism because they objectify themselves….then scream that they have the right to. But you better not say anything about the fact that her tits are on display. So stupid.

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