1. JimBB

    $10 says he believed them when they told him it was actually plugged in.

  2. Also not picture…anyone with musical talent.

  3. Also not pictured…anyone with musical talent.

  4. soundtrack

    “I’m cool, right? I mean, really cool! Pretty much everybody thinks that, right? And not old at all! Next movie I’ve got crazy clothes and weird facial hair and I say odd things in an odd voice and it’s great! Please say I’m cool.”

  5. All kidding aside, the marijuana prohibition fundraiser they were playing at was a huge success.

  6. yourmom

    John Mayer, eat your heart out!!

  7. C, C, C, C…crap…here it comes…aaaand F, F, F, F, F (repeat)

  8. tlmck

    I thought Waylon was dead?

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