1. JimBB

    Note to self: Wait for Halloween to wear my “Tears for Fears” costume.

  2. He should team up with Radcliffe to make the sequel to The Dallas Buyer’s Club.

  3. “Can someone tell J.K. Rowlings I need a job?”

  4. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    The “Dressed to Shoot Up a High School” look

  5. Steve R.

    Much like planking, Paddington bearing is the latest fad.

  6. Jackmac

    Harry Potter and the Curse of the Receding Hairline

  7. Cap'n Obvious

    Ever wonder what Aaron Paul would look like with AIDS? Wonder no more.

  8. Someone thinks they are a fashion icon. Someone else needs to tell him he is not. What is with these Harry Potter actors thinking they are supermodels? First Emma Watson and now him.

    • Emma Watson typically is very fashionable and comes up with some inspired looks for red carpet ev–

      *rebuilds carburetor while shotgunning a beer*

  9. donkeylicks

    And suddenly ankle biter takes on an entirely different meaning.

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