1. dontkillthemessenger

    At least we know who Patient Zero was.

  2. George P Burdell

    Quick! Run! Its Lindsay!

  3. Farrah Abraham

    “I better get to Chiltern Firehouse because I’m famous too!!”

  4. JimBB

    Well, beats a walker I guess.

  5. “Running late. Just have Depp fill in for me. No one’ll know.”

  6. Hey, HEY! I paid for the whole hour – don’t you run away from me. I own you!

  7. Just in…”Steven Tyler doing Sharon Stone!”

  8. “Porthos! Wait!!”

  9. Father Dougal

    Say what you will, but he was great in Iron Man 2.

  10. Voice of Reisling

    Come back here with my ear flower!

  11. “This is Aerosmith 422 requesting clearance for landing on brick sidewalk number 2-4-0 North…”

  12. “Your clothes ..give them to me !”

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