1. Great White Pygmy

    I’m confused. The PRINCE has a royal box?

  2. He needs a nametag?

  3. JimBB

    Yeah, I get pretty psyched about ascots too.

  4. “I am the prince! I won’t have any of this ‘You can’t take a shit right here’ poppycock!”

  5. Fortunately, the colonoscopy turned out negative.

  6. “Who wants to guess what I’m playing with right now?”

  7. renotastic

    “What, me worry?”

  8. Little Tongue

    “You’re really gonna blow me here, in front of everyone, aren’t you?”

  9. CK

    (thinks to himself)
    “Tee-hee!! I just farted in the royal box!”

  10. donkeylicks

    It begins.

  11. cc

    Isn’t she married to his brother?

  12. With that look I’d say he definitely is in the box, royally.

  13. “Yes, yes, that one…no, no…over one more. Yes her, the one with the big bouncy bosoms.”

  14. Aww, shit, Joffrey lives!

  15. “Oi! Oi, gents. I’m ‘aving a wank, inni? Your tax lucher paid for this private box. I did nuffin’! Thanks mates! “

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