1. George P Burdell

    I was worried her 15 minutes were up.

  2. Tommy T.

    Does anyone really care about this chick anymore? We get it. We’ve seen your ass and surfboard on a beach. I’ve seen 100 chicks as good or better looking than you on any given day at the mall.

  3. Does she surf of just takes pictures with her board?

    • BigOkie

      I was beginning to wonder the same thing. I’ve never seen her in the water and she’s always got this 3/4 turned ass profile pic. I knew even just seeing the thumbnail for a brief half second that this was the surfer chick with the “not terrible” ass.

      So until I see a nip slip or letting her vag hang out, I’m over her.

  4. Mix it up a bit. Show a hint of butthole.

  5. Saul

    Hey…wow…it’s been TWO whole days since we’ve seen this attention whore.

    How time flies when you’re having fun.

  6. Surf's up

    Nice board, I’ll take it…do I have to take the bitch?

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