1. JimBB

    You know, bragging about being the “richest yoga instructor in history” is kind of like bragging about getting a promotion at McDonalds.

  2. Not seen…Alec being arrested for Hilaria doing yoga in front of a helicopter.

  3. It’s hard to out-crazy Alec, but it least she looks good doing it.

  4. I’m kind of impressed. What else can she pull out of her ass?

  5. So it turns out Alec is the normal one in the family.

  6. Cap'n Obvious

    Attention whore meter:


    Confirmed. We have hard confirmation.

  7. jack

    That’s not The Downward Dog, you insipid kunt.

  8. kravdan

    Alec is inside the chopper getting into a fight with it and calling it a fag, then denying it.

  9. Flatliner

    I wonder what she will tell her kid when it’s old enough to start asking questions?

  10. Yep. Definitely obnoxious.

  11. renotastic

    Please warrior pose into the rotor! Please warrior pose into the rotor! Please warrior pose into the rotor!

  12. I’m really starting to like her.

  13. Turn the helicopter on, ask her to jump up high and do the world a huge favor.

  14. Kris Jenner

    This is a classic example of a pretty girl who has had her ass kissed her entire life and now thinks she’s special. These are basic poses and she’s supposed to be an expert

  15. I find this woman incredibly boring.

  16. buzz

    I guess it’s a requirement in the Baldwin family to bend over and show your brownhole at any given time.

    I bet the pilot in that helicopter would rather have had a cash tip for his service.

  17. Look at me! I’m an Air-O-plane

  18. “Hilaria, get the fuck out of there. You’re not a helicopter.”

  19. Clearly she blasted ass; just check out the grease stain on the window now.

  20. Robb7

    Only a fucking idiot like this one-trick pony would marry that miserable blowhard Baldwin.

  21. The Human Quadrupede. I’m with Don, I totally would.

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