1. JimBB

    Bubba was Kanye’s bestest friend.

  2. “Mama’s gonna have fun tonight!”

  3. The Top, the Bottom and the Tranny.

  4. “I have made a terrible mistake! First I banged the fat one, now the old one has her hand on my ass…Alcohol, take me away!”

  5. “Vain, Impudent Parasites”?

  6. George P Burdell

    Kris, I’ll give you 15 minutes to get your thumb out of my ass or to start wiggling it again.

  7. That’s right Kanye. Ignore her and she’ll go away.

  8. “Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold-digger…”

  9. Jamie K.

    Kris breaks the forth wall to let us all know that Kanye is dutifully taking his “medication”.

  10. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    The look on her face says, “Hey, kid, ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight?”

  11. aj

    “Wow, Kanye with all the wine you’ve been drinking lately, you’re going to be up all night peeing…DAMN IT” -Kris

  12. The two of them are such disgusting human beings, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were fucking each other.

  13. BlackManUSA

    “Come on Kanye. It will be fun!! I’ve never had one before and I DON’T
    want to go back…”

  14. gooch

    Where’s Robert Wagner when you need him?

  15. Kanye’s thinking (haha, just kidding…), “Damn, Kim must have inherited her dad’s hands because this beast’s fist is way bigger.”

  16. Short Round

    Kanye didn’t want to listen to the devil on his shoulder so he took a sip to drain the voice out. Until his guardian angel showed up as well telling him to shove the bitch overboard right now.

  17. yourmom

    Kanye just realized the full implication of the pre-nup.

  18. This reminds me of those old cartoons where the angel would sit on the person’s right and the devil would sit on the person’s left.

  19. “Kanye, I want to talk to you about your $5 million life insurance policy that has Kim as your beneficiary…no, not right now. Later is fine. Go ahead and finish your hemlock.”

  20. “Kris, stop playin’ wit’ my ass. I a’ready done told you, no mo’ nooky til tonight. A’ight?”

  21. *whispering* “What da fuck, bro, I thought you was gonna set ME up wit’ yo’ momma-in-law. I think she hot!”

  22. Why God, why? Why Natalie Wood and not her?”

  23. Keep drinking Kanye, it is not a dream or a nightmare, it is very real.

  24. Careful, Kanye. She can smell fear.

  25. “Now all I have to do is slip the wallet out and he’ll think it fell overboard.”

  26. toitot

    Oh Gawd Kris when are you going to get real and be a REAL mother to those children of yours??? She’s all menopausal and STILL carrying on like a teeny bopper like her youngest! You Kris are a joke. You CRY when you talk to your kids about stupid ass choices they made in their lives…CRY??? Like when you confronted that gold digger/don’t care a shit about kourtney as long as that money keeps rolling into his wallet Scott…you CRIED?? ! That fuker has ruined any chance your daughter has at being worshipped by a man, a very good feeling by the way and all you do is CRY to scott?? YOu have no brains and fell into this well by accident by accident fucking Robert K and he the bigger idiot for keeping you and making horrible daughters with you !

  27. cc

    and then there were blow jobs.

  28. anonym

    hahaha. Kris has her finger in his bunghole.
    There’s only one reason for that facial expression.

  29. buzz

    LOL There’s always one bitch at the party who thinks everything is a Facebook photo op when everyone else clearly wants to be left alone.

  30. Nate

    You’d drink, too if she was YOUR mother-in-law.

  31. This photo says it all…no matter what interesting stuff is going on, to Kris the most interesting thing is the camera pointing at her, even if she’s mid crotch scratch.

  32. TxRadioguy

    The look on Kanye’s face is like “Kris just grabbed his ass.” And she’s grinning like she’s proud of it.

  33. Kris is smiling because she put a little “love” in Kanye’s drink, and Kanye just recognized the scent.

  34. LifesAMitch

    Drink until she’s Kim… Drink until she’s Kim….

  35. IdDoThat

    “THIS a Nice Dick… Why the FUCK She with him?” “FKNCNT”

  36. Kanye even drinks in CAPS LOCK.

  37. OJ started the black dick addiction in this family

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