1. Cock Dr

    Well, he’s gotta make money to pay off all the artists who sue the band for plagiarism.

  2. For our next craft on GOOP, we’re going to learn how to make it rain origami.

  3. “Know how I know you’re gay? You listen to Coldplay.”

  4. kimmykimkim

    And my nephew doesn’t understand why I don’t listen to Coldplay…I’ll just show him this.

  5. Shorty80

    Gwyneth hand cut every butterfly from organic renewable bamboo paper.

  6. TomFrank

    And here you all thought Benjamin Millepied would be the gayest thing you saw all day.

  7. Cam

    Surprisingly that wasn’t the gayest thing to take place at a Coldplay concert.

  8. UnholyKrep

    Oh hey, how nice for that Chris Martin boy… it appears he won the American Idol contest. Well good for him.

  9. Are they opening for Rammstein?

  10. whiskeyafternoon

    am I in the middle of a gay dream sequence?

  11. Dances like a retarded epileptic

  12. “Chris Martin performing with Coldplay at the 2011 Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands”

    At least 5 of the words in that sentence are really, really gay.

  13. Goliath

    Kotex® Maxi Pads with Wings

  14. truth be told


  15. Tragedy(?) struck at a Coldplay concert when surprise guest singer Lady Gaga tripped and fell into the wind machine as she walked on stage.

  16. was this a scene from glee?

  17. cc

    Someone a kindergarten daycamp is wondering where their supplies went.

  18. kpatra

    nice butterflies, dude.

  19. Gilberator

    “Ahh! Fuck Yes! The butterflies! They’re back! Ohhhh…Mmmm! The butterflies are back!”

  20. CharmlessMan

    This is as manly as Gwynneth lets him be.

  21. Carlton Banks

    Is that Chris or Ricky?

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