1. journalschism

    According to Masters & Johnson, her wonder years are right now.

  2. The Most Interesting

    Final Five, my ass! Sexy as hell and retardedly brilliant? *And* newly single?

    • My vote for Oxymoron of the Century: “retardedly brilliant”. Huzzah, sir.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      you don’t want to get yourself mixed up with above average intelligence chicks. it is not worth it. Find a girl that is dumber than you and you’ll thank me later.

      • Blech

        And enjoy the five minutes spent with dumb girl talking about nail polish.

      • Having dated a number of girls dumber than me, I would not offer that advice to anyone. Sitting across the table and thinking “This girl is a fucking moron.” is a pretty terrible feeling.

  3. That’s not her shadow… That’s Photoboy doing his master’s bidding ready with a good amount of chloroform…

  4. Pierce Bronzetan

    Sorry… don’t get it. I’m trying…. but no.

  5. EricLr

    I would have figured her a more natural fit for the “2012 Women Who Were Once on Television Briefly” awards.

  6. El Jefe

    I love you baby.

  7. Sheppy

    So smilie!

  8. bigalkie


  9. She looks like Robin Tunney if Robin Tunney had been born pretty.


  10. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    her watch what you say about my future ex-wife.

  11. One of a very limited number of childhood crushes to not turn into a sea hag. Well done ma’am. *wipes away tear*

  12. Mike Walker

    1+u²v-4u+α(N+1)²(u-2u/v) = TITS

  13. shaniqua nunyadambidness

    Winnie + Degree in Mathematics = divorcee with breast implants. Welcome to reality, hon. We’ve been saving you a seat.

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