1. Joe

    The mic is supposed to black, idiot.

  2. Pierce Bronzetan

    “I sucked a mic and I liked it!”

    • Speaking of sucking, a friend went to see Prometheus and said it sucked ass.

      • Anjyp

        It didn’t. Your friend’s a moron.

      • r,

        prometheus is actually brilliant. but it doesn’t spoon feed you it’s plot, so i guess that’s the hard part for your friend. the implications of the events in the film can be interpreted many different ways, and each make sense. so it is up to the viewer to decide what the movie means. your friend must like being told what to think.

  3. Dr.J.Fever

    Wait, this chick is a singer? I honestly had no idea, I thought she was like that family with the Star Trek name. Famous for being peed on or helping a killer get off or something equally disgusting. A singer? Really?

  4. cc

    ‘City Of Hope Honors Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman With Spirit Of Life Award’

    Guess all the succinct award show names were taken.

  5. After seeing the photos of how wide Katy can open her lips, Russell Brand realized divorcing her was a bad idea.

  6. just here for laughs

    “I didn’t realize it was so big!”

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