1. My initial thoughts:
    1. We must choke da children until they learn!!!
    2. I was jerking it to Maid Monthly when I realized I was not alone!

  2. Just saw The Last Stand recently. Pretty good, actually. The old lech has still got it. And I’m not just referring to STDs this time.

  3. “No more complaining. No more “Mr. Kimble, I have to go the bathroom”. Nothing! There is no bathroom!”

  4. “All the education the children need is to see my all time smash hit holiday classic movie Jingle All The Way!”

  5. BP

    Ahnold’s legs have to look better than Maria’s!

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “An den I whvill grab de dildoh whvith both hands an push it so fah up Fahrah Ahbraham’s butt-hool dat she whvill quvit pahn an go to cawllege. Dis is haw I plen to get keedz to stay en school.”

  7. “she had both hands on it! and there was still some left for her mouth!”

  8. “And den I toll her to grip it like a broom handle. Two hands! And sweep. And sweep. And sweep…”

  9. Raymond Flattenburg

    I once had a penis thisssssss big.

  10. Arnold is just explaining whatever it is that’s going on in that last Maria Shriver picture.

  11. Fuzzy Dustmite

    Do the pepper grinder!

  12. bernard

    his mood ring shows he’s happy

  13. “Iv you don”t get a twenty virst zentury education, You can be mah maid! Yah…SVEEP DAMN YOU! SVEEP!”

  14. “I told her dat kid looks nothing like me!” Den she took a mop an held it like a pinata stick an hit me ovah an ovah ya… What were we talking about? Oh yeah… Stay in school!”

  15. “So I’m on my knees and I have him in my hands, and Joe Weider looks down and says to me ‘How badly do you want to be Mr. Olympia?’”

  16. MrG

    “I just zaw dat photo of Maria’s thighs, und it makes me vant to rip off my dick!”

  17. Fishballs

    “Und you churn de buttah like dis until it ees thick und spread it on to de Linzertorte vile it ees still warm.”

  18. EricLR

    You must werk zee shaft haaard! HAAARDER!

  19. AndrewMacCloud

    I am a 21st century cybernetic organism living tissue over a metal endoskeleton !
    I will now cut my right arm open with the laser scalpel hidden in my giant turquoise ring , to prove that i’m really the terminator!!

  20. “If I had been president, I would have personally gone to Iraq und punched Saddam Hussein, a left, then a Reich…I mean right…”

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