1. B&WMinstrel

    “Just gimme my fucking mug and let me go home!”

  2. Somehow “sugardaddy” did not have a category…

  3. Frank Burns

    “Hmm, if Hillary gets elected, maybe I can be the new ambassador to Belgium”.

  4. Not seen to his left, Bernard Lewinsky.

  5. He’s trying to resist the urge to stain the blue fabric in the background.

  6. I guess he’s had a lot of people call him “Daddy”…

  7. He’s considering how he can use that little statue there…

  8. Cock Dr

    “Father of the Year”…hmmm..well I dunno about that but he and the Mrs did seem to raise up a fairly normal daughter. You don’t see Chelsea crawling out of clubs or sending crazy Twitter messages or her tits hanging out on the SW.

  9. holy shit, that’s a REAL award?

  10. I remember when my dad shot a load on his intern. I knew right then how lucky was.

  11. Can you imagine him having a son? He’d totally screw all of the girlfriends. #1 Dad!

  12. schadenfreude

    Father of the Year – for those people who don’t leave their genetic material on women’s dresses.

  13. “No, I don’t have any daughters named Wendi, Jinxie, Babs, Eva, or Miranda. Why?”
    “They’re all here asking to see their “Daddy.”

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