1. ty

    She has some great flotation devices

  2. Myth….. BUSTED!!!
    Get it? Because she has…
    I’ll let myself out.

  3. Topwater implants catch more fish.

  4. Deacon Jones

    You’d figure Victoria Silverstedt could find a sugar daddy better looking than this, huh? She’s older, but man, she used to be the bomb

  5. Drowning is never an issue for her.

  6. Guess who’s rich in this picture.

  7. Ok, but who is the bald guy in the bathing cap between them?

  8. AWOL

    “Get down there and get to work! It’s not gonna suck itself.”
    “I can’t, my boobs keep pulling me to the surface!”
    “Then I will invent an implant with a ballast like a submarine! I’ll be rich! Well, richer…”

  9. How rich is this dude, he is always on vacation with her on some yacht or something.

  10. schadenfreude

    In the case of a water landing your fun-bags can be used as a flotation device.

  11. Lita

    In the event of a water landing, your girlfriend may be used as a personal floatation device.

  12. Quick! Get some help! Two of “The Observers” are trying to drag that poor woman under water while the first baseman just watches.

  13. journalschism

    Dope Floats

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