1. Tiggles

    “And then Melanie walked in the bedroom from the shower, and I froze just like this hoping she wouldn’t notice me.”

  2. alex

    At first glance I thought it was Billy Bob Thornton. Yeeesh.

  3. “I seen shit back in Vietnam, man. Some real fucked up shit.”

  4. “So I started pulling it and stretching it like this you see but Maria made it go limp.”

  5. anonymous

    Wow what’s happened to that guy? I thought the Spanish aged well….

  6. “Viet-fucking-nam is what happened.”

  7. AWOL

    “Bulgaria? How the fuck did I get to Bulgaria!?”

  8. “I already gave you booze money. Why are you still talking to me?”

  9. Jenn

    The doctor said my vision may return, if I’m lucky. I hope to God it doesn’t. What if Melanie drops her towel again?

  10. JK

    The latin billy bob thornton doing the crazy face old pilot act.

  11. The underground runway janitor from Die Hard 2 relives his encounter with John McClane..

  12. A news conference with one guy? I heard that Bulgaria is a poor country, but they MUST have more than one reporter.

  13. dwnload

    “And then I was like: «Give’t away, give’t away, give’t away now»”f

  14. schadenfreude

    I feel like Colonel Kurtz around Melanie – “The horror! The horror!”

  15. EricLR

    He thinks he’s auditioning to play a homeless Vietnam vet in the 80′s. His agent really should tell him the truth.

  16. “I didn’t think it were nothin’ at first, ‘cuz me and Jethro’d been drinkin’ since noon, but then I realized we was lookin’ at a god damned UFO!”

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