1. Dugger

    Tuesday “two for one special” night was cancelled so Corey had only enough cash for a single hooker.

  2. (hangs head)
    I just….I can’t…

  3. I’ve never seen one man so consistently happy to be spending so much money for sex.

  4. Okay, it’s official…this is the 2nd sign of the coming apocalypse. The Kardashians being the 1st.

  5. Thank god for drugs, right Corey? How else would he get laid?

  6. He’s playing young Charlie Sheen but he looks older…

  7. Only one? Someone needs to check the dumpster at his apartment.

  8. “I have no career, only hookers will hang out with me, all of my clothes are black and look like they should be curtains. Could life BE any better?”

  9. catapostrophe

    How does he DO it?

    That is, how does he keep paying these girls to walk around with him? Did he get a job?

  10. “Your name is… Cindy, right?”
    “You remembered! Thanks, Charlie!”
    “Corey, actually.”
    “You’re COREY! Wait, didn’t you guys die a few years ago?”

  11. I keep checking the Harry and David website, but I can’t find the fruit club deal that includes the whores.

  12. He pretends to be blind and is escorted home by one of LA’s seeing eye skanks.

  13. Jenn

    Tonight there can be only one Whorelander!

  14. no no no. y’all don’t pay attention to me! I tell ya he’s pimping & getting his %., + selling coc. gotta be.

  15. Coke attracts hot train wrecks.

  16. Gotta admit, he does get some decent hookers.

  17. JuggNuttz

    came here to make a hooker joke. saw all the other hooker jokes. sigh…….

  18. Must be some occasion tonight… instead of paying for two 4′s he pooled his cash for a single 8.

  19. EricLR

    Behold, the attracting power of White Michael Jackson!

  20. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    She was born after his last successful movie came out, from the look of her.

  21. Eric

    His career was over before she was even born.

  22. It’s going to really suck when the recession doesn’t lift and he starts showing up on here with half a hooker.

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