1. jep

    Nice legs, Cruella.

  2. Krazee Thug Nutz

    wowzer! The last photo I saw of her, sure as hell didn’t look like this.

  3. Makeup is a godsend, isn’t it?

  4. Whose baby is Chelsey Handler carrying?

  5. Your move, Bynes.

  6. Looks like a piece of shrapnel from an exploding Wal-Mart.

  7. popwilleatitself

    Why bother wearing a shirt?

  8. did she have surgery on her tibias? wtf?

  9. I hate to say something mean like she looks like she’d trade you the kid for a carton of cigarettes. BUT LOOK AT HER!

  10. bigalkie

    It’s funny what a little make-up and some airbrushing can do.

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