1. Frank Burns

    Bai Ling is confused that the “Spot a Celebrity Dumbass” app on her phone seems to be going off constantly.

  2. Tom Cruise's Dignity

    Message on phone:


  3. Something ambling across the savannah.

  4. She hasn’t starved to death yet? I’m shocked.


  6. Jezebel

    I hope I’m that thin and trashy looking when I hit 47.

  7. buzz

    Hookin’ ain’t easy.

  8. Man, she used to be the hottest thing ever.

  9. She’s still bat nuts crazy who still believes she lived on the moon.

  10. “I’m not into ladyboys, But when I am I make sure no one I know can spot me picking them up behind a black umbrella.”

  11. fred

    Coming this summer to a theater near you: The Return of Mango: Mango Takes Hong Kong.

  12. Where’s her ass?! She has no ass.

  13. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    The price you pay for losing WW2 is a heavy one.

  14. I bet this girl is a complete freak in the sack.

  15. sparklemotion

    I love you long time

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