1. George P Burdell

    Largest nipple per square inch of boob in Hollywood.

  2. Tom Cruise's Dignity

    The Anti-Lohan.

  3. Talented and has good nipples.

  4. Some girls just look like they’d be a firecracker in the sack.

  5. Cock Dr

    Marriage seems to agree with her.

  6. How did a thin girl get on this website?? Usually he focuses on fat chicks like Katy Perry!!!

  7. I fucking love her. Nice skinny body, sexy English accent and just plain beautiful.

    • Marketing Mike

      A pretty face, firm body and nipples the size of Silver Dollars.
      The accent and the perky personality are icing on the cake,
      I’m all in….

  8. She looks like she finally ate a sandwich. Granted, it was in 2012, but baby steps.

  9. Lover her to death.

  10. Guest

    But those teeth.

  11. They are effectively un-motorboatable but I’m willing to try anyway.

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