1. CrashHell

    Pete – “thekingswinthecuporwecutoffyourjohnson…”

    Pat – “What was that?”


  2. The stoner look is barely passable on hot men. These guys do not pass.

  3. Tom Cruise's Dignity

    Really nice of Patton to help out that homeless guy.

  4. Fuck that… Peter Stormare is the man.

  5. Both of these guys are fucking awesome.

  6. Adam Richman’s new series, “Man vs. Time.”

  7. Best. Gay couple. Ever.

  8. Patton Oswalt has either been shooting heroin for 6 months straight, or is a World of Warcraft fanboy

  9. This picture’s already inspired Salon to write three articles about how Patton Oswalt is “deeply problematic.”

  10. I love Peter Stormare, but those pants, WTF?

  11. Marketing Mike

    I’d pay anything to hang out with these guys for an evening.
    imagine the stories these guys could tell. Plus, you know these
    two pull like a magnet, I’d be fine with the leftovers.

  12. The beauty of the interwebz is I didn’t even know these two knew each other – and now I wanna hang out with them forever.

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