1. Italian chick, approaching 30. Yup the legs are about right.

  2. Did she secretly kill Cher and steal all of her wigs?

  3. Tom Cruise's Dignity


  4. The love child of Danny Zuko and Rosanna Rosannadanna.

  5. Cock Dr

    This is it. This is the look she should stick with.

  6. It’s like something you would see in the porno version “Grease”. I love it!

  7. Hopefully she will take the Amy Winehouse impression all the way and die now.

  8. Slash: “Godammit, Bruce Jenner was supposed to meet me here at 9. He better not be going back on our pact…”

  9. Natty Ice

    Grease is the word…and it needs to be used to tame down that hair and help her through the door.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    I have to say I’m completely over this chick. Then again, I’m a straight male and I’m not sure we were on board to begin with.

  11. “Circus folk, you know, nomads. Small hands, smell like cabbage”

  12. Makrel

    I swear to god the only people that change their appearances this much and that extreme are wanted by the FBI…

  13. jep


    smh… dumb cunt.

  14. Looks like any other extra on Law and Order: SVU

  15. Marketing Mike

    Nice pose, you can’t see his dick in this picture.

  16. Brian

    WTF is that!

  17. Where is her dignity?

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