1. Tom Cruise's Dignity

    Wow, your inane little life is REALLY interesting!

  2. Sorry conservatives, she’s our next president.

    • After 8 years of Obama’s failures (reality assholes, face it) you would think the conservatives would have 2016 in the bag.

      But I’m sure the combo of talking out of both sides of their mouth, alienating anyone that isn’t an angry old white fuck, and offering up a total shit candidate will fuck them right in their god fucking asses again.

      • please list the Obama failures and compare and contrast with Bush Jr or Sr…. SORRY – YOU LOSE.

      • I’m seriously baffled how you could possibly be happy with Obama’s presidency, unless your just measuring success by the letters D or R.

      • It’s hard to fail when you do absolutely nothing.

      • Like Obama or not, the reality as that moderates will never vote for somebody like Ted Cruz and nobody left of Cruz will get the Republican nomination. Sorry.

      • That’s sorta what I was getting at when I mentioned “offering up a total shit candidate”

      • Well since Ted Cruz is a Canadian, born in Canada, nobody should be able to vote for that moron anyway.

      • Cruz is more American than 0bama is. The man went to university as a foreign student, you assholes. His SS number is stolen. His Cert of live birth is an electronic forgery. You’re a bunch of dumb assholes.

      • 1. Health Care Reform
        2. Got out of Iraq
        3. Continued Bush stimulus to keep the economy from tanking
        4. Killed OBL (GANGSTA!!)
        5. Increased fuel efficiency standards
        The list goes on…and if you don’t like those, he has actually kept in place a LOT of Bush programs that should make the conservatives happy, but since he’s a Socialist, Atheist, Kenyan, Muslim, they don’t like it

      • I know, all those horrible failures. Might I also add

        6. Booming stock market
        7. Low unemployment rate
        9. Housing market recovered nicely
        10. Auto industry doing well

        Man, what a shitty President.

      • I’m not at all surprised this site is ripe with Democrat supporters who think 0bama has been great. Honestly. You lot are too much. Stink. WAY too much stink. Not even worth discussing point by point, you’re so full of shit.

      • You are such a dumb fuck.
        I love the way republicans do all they can to prevent progress, and then cry “Where’s the progress?”

      • Low unemployment rate? Just this past month we’ve gotten to the point where we have the same number of people employed as we did before the recession. In the meantime, due to population growth, millions more people are of working age, so the percentage of people employed has dropped significantly. Right now we have the lowest labor force participation rate we’ve had in 35 years, which is a far more relevant number than the unemployment rate (a number only politicians focus on).

        As for the auto industry doing well, it was George W. Bush who bailed out the auto industry in late 2008, and while it looked like a bad move at the time, it turned out to be a profitable move for both the industry and the federal government.

      • If we are at pre-recession levels of unemployment that is a good thing genius. I love how before the auto bailout worked you same guys were blasting it and calling GM, Obama Motors, and claiming he and his administration were the ones running GM, but all of a sudden when things are looking good, you now try to give Bush all the credit. You fuckers are all the same, full of shit and don’t know your head from your ass.

      • El Jefe clearly you didn’t read what I wrote about unemployment. We are NOT at pre-recession levels of unemployment. The *number* of people is back, but due to population growth the *percentage* is still much lower. We have to keep up with population growth in order for the unemployment level to be good, and that hasn’t even come close to happening. Five years after the recession ended, we’re still about 1% below what we need to be, which translates to millions of unemployed people.

      • I’m convinced a number of the things on your lists would have happened no matter who was on the clock. And some of the other things are like giving credit to Ronald McDonald because some kid gave you hot French fries. Jessica Chastain and a bunch of navy seals killed Osama, bro.

        Obama failed on many of his campaign promises and some of things he followed thru on are questionably successful {ACA) or watered down to total shit (ACA). And the goddamn continuation if not doubling down on bush’s shenanigans with sniffing our internet and phones and this human rights violation camp we have in cuba. Same old bullshit, same old lies, just packaged in a different color.

      • LOL so fun when Democrats speak of “shit candidates”.
        Take a look at the shit stain in the Whitehouse, assholes.

      • That’s a very reasoned argument welldoneson. Did your sister whisper it in your ear while you were fucking her, you inbred dueling-banjos-playing Nazi child-raping retard?

        I’m actually not a liberal, I just like insulting stupid people.

      • Insulting stupid people? I imagine that’s a habit you picked up off your father. Take a look at the shitstain in the White House. He’s making Americans who support him look like assholes. And you.

    • LOL Democrats are so in denial I’m expecting them to convert to Islam.

    • Not a chance in hell.

  3. Frank Burns

    I assume the ‘hard choice’ is between a fat girl and a cigar.

  4. Laughing at Eric Cantor?

  5. Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

  6. Running for her third term as President.

  7. “Monica!! How the fuck did you get past Security?!”

  8. It's Going To Happen

    It’s her reaction shot after hearing “Today the Tea Party announced its plans to place their own ticket on the ballot in all 50 states.”

  9. Bob

    Who’s the hot chick she’s looking at? I haven’t seen a smile that big on her face since she posed with Natalie Portman’s pokies.

  10. Short Round

    Hilary was always excited to meet someone who didn’t have sexual relations with her husband. But deep down she knew one day she’d run out of such women.

  11. The book details how she will personally take every gun from every right-wing conservative gun freak one by one. Then she will take everyone’s freedoms away just like Obama did. Then it talks about how she and Jay-z will form like Voltron into the New World Order Illuminati Transformers Mutant Ninja Muslims.

  12. “Well who do you think taught Monica Lewinsky how to suck dick in the first place?”

  13. “What if Sarah Palin gets the Republican nomination and runs against you??”

  14. Odds are Cruz could run for president for better or worse. All the junk over Obama and McCain back in 08 ironed almost all the uncertainty out of things where only the supreme court could rule otherwise at this point only. Since his mom was born in Delaware and is a citizen and he was born from her he’s naturally born as a citizen despite being out of country.

    As for Palin, if that nutter got the nomination I’d stay home.

  15. Not Bill

    I’d put my cigar in there…not that I would expect a whole lot but hey, shits and giggles.

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I don’t know who creeps me out more when smiling: Hilizardy Clinton or Queen Elizardbeth.

    F*cking shape-shifting reptiles, they all give me the willies.

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