1. Tom Cruise's Dignity

    I wonder if she even realizes that she’s not actually British royalty anymore.

  2. George P Burdell

    I wonder if she got the PermaFripples because she was afraid Brad was getting a hankering for some Anniston?

  3. From Maleficent to Benevolent.

  4. Nice to see her headlights back on again.

  5. I like nipples as much as anyone, but they do ruin an otherwise elegant portrait.

  6. Her nipples could be considered sexual violence. They’ve put out many eyes.

  7. Cock Dr

    She knows how to get press for her causes.

  8. How ’bout you end conflict, period?

    “No, no… conflict is fine, so long as there’s no sexual violence involved. Good luck on your genocide.”

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    Who cares about nipples when you can see her entire skeleton through her clothing? Hot!

  10. Short Round

    I wonder if she ever curved the nipple.

  11. Mr. Sensitive

    Sticks (arms and legs) and stones (post-mastectomy implants).

  12. buzz

    Are the nipples spared in a double mastectomy because adding fake permanent erect ones is just weird.

  13. I would like to get a gander (and maybe even a handful) of her post-surgical breastesses.

  14. Brit

    Obviously, the silk blouse was not included in the mandate of this initiative.

  15. Why is she dressed like my elementary school librarian from the 80s?

  16. Little Tongue

    When your boyfriend gets bruises just by trying to jump your too skinny bones, I call that sexual violence also.

  17. show of hands: How many of you thought “ooh, nipples!” and then “oh, right”

  18. I miss crazy Angelina from Gia, Girl Interrupted and Tomb Raider . “I wanna save the world through adoption and mastectomy” Angelina bores me.

  19. Marketing Mike

    “SKELETOR, Revenge of the frozen nipple…”

  20. Bishop

    She’s holding her balls so they don’t remove those too.

  21. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    She removed one of Brad’s balls from her purse, had it sliced in half then sown onto her fake tits; finished them off quite nicely too.

  22. Bane

    Lorraine Warren is looking pretty good these days.

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