1. Tom Cruise's Dignity


  2. Botox: Emotionless and ageless.

  3. He was there because he was in the tv show on which the movie was based, but you’d be surprised how many people asked them to park their cars.

  4. So his career isn’t the only thing wasting away.

  5. He’s got a widow’s peak and forehead that would put Vegeta to shame.

  6. Don Draper's Dad

    I’m contractually obligated to be here.

  7. “Don’t you judge me!”

  8. Looks like a young Larry Fine.

  9. My hair is a dead crow. Your argument is invalid.

  10. “I could have been a pirate. Nobody even asked if I wanted to be a pirate.”

  11. He’s looking slightly better than usual, but I still can’t pinpoint exactly what happened to make him look so different. I know part of it is a bad nose job, but I sense there is more.

  12. His conjoined twin is always staring him right in the earhole. And looks like Jon Gosselin.

  13. Morphing into Bruce Willis. He should just go bald, maybe people will think he is Bruce and he can finally get a job.

  14. meeps!

    Vlad the Impaler…

  15. Flatliner

    He should just shave it all off and become the man he was born to be…an Italian Homer Simpson.

  16. “You know I had my own show once”
    “dude, you had two shows”
    “I did?”

  17. Bishop

    Richard Grieco: “Shit, this time they killed Dennis Booker!”
    The Dude Behind Him: “Who the fuck is Dennis Booker???”

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