1. Tom Cruise's Dignity

    She had to share a cab with Chris Brown on the way in.

  2. Cock Dr

    Looks like the latest round of plastic surgery went a little funny.

  3. Chris Brown is out of prison, after all.

  4. Short Round

    For a second I thought it was Kim Kardashian and I was happy. I’ll just live in denial to stay happy.

  5. Looks like she’s been told No once already today

  6. That’s what you get bitch!


  8. Domestic violence jokes are not funny. That black eye is a week after this guy beat her up in a hotel room. That’s messed up and just as unfunny as a rape joke.

  9. …And that was the last time she shared an elevator with Solange.

  10. You know what? Good for her for not covering up the abuse. It’s the guy who did this to her who should be hiding his face.

  11. Maybe from now on she’ll listen.

  12. To be fair, he did warn her…

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