1. cc

    A couple of dreadful vampire movies and this kid can coast for 60 years. Sigh.

  2. adolf hitler

    this foo gettin his nails done

  3. AT

    quentin tarantino is looking pretty young in this pic

  4. :3

    He stole my shirt from 6th grade.

  5. He really wants this picture over quick so he can spit out whatever he dribbled on his shirt.

  6. sexyman48

    I’m surprised his lens’ aren’t farther apart.

  7. baron of all media

    Dude, if I see one more nerdy Jewish kid with a cute Asian girlfriend I am gonna FREAK!!!

  8. Looks like Franke Muniz has yellow fever!

  9. The Critical Crassness

    Guess KStew no love him, long time!

  10. fooey

    uh yeah without the hair he’s just Frankie Muniz with ray bans

  11. Did they catch the guy who stole her top lip?

  12. I didn’t realize the vampires and werewolves were friends again.

  13. some guy

    I can’t figure out which of them is more feminine.

  14. Sin

    He forgot to change shirts. That one still has cum stains on it form the last blow job he gave.

  15. Cute asian girl keeps smiling, all the while holding her breath to avoid the artistic funk of a hot guy who is too deep and emo to take advantage of his notoriety, the way most men would do…

  16. MrsPlant

    Aren’t those the same sunglasses Bradley Cooper was wearing?

  17. Dave Mustaine

    I can see McDonald’s suing this ass hat. His eyebrows are a direct rip-off of their “Golden Arches”.

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