1. Who ordered the leather-wrapped skeleton?

  2. dontlooknow


  3. shonzie

    kill it with fire!!!!

  4. Fletch

    WTF? Seriously! W T F

  5. tank

    in her defense….. shes old… there is nothing she can do about it . it happens

  6. Richard McBeef

    UH-OH! Somebody go back to the car and get me another pair of depends.

  7. dookieshoo

    nut up or shut up, futhermuckers!

  8. cc

    They blurred out her license plate which, if I read it correctly says ‘Be afraid’.

  9. Derek

    Wow, Courtney Cox has let herself go!

  10. It had to be said

    Wait, they blurred her license plate, but not her tits and legs? What the hell are the editorial standards here?

  11. It had to be said

    The funny thing is that if you put her in a shrink-wrapper and tightened up ALL of her skin she’d look OK here.

  12. bethy

    Ack! Turn on the back wiper!

  13. Deacon Jones


    It’s too bad the Predator deskinned a hot ass model! What is it with that fucker and LA?

  14. TomFrank

    She’s 56. I wonder how old her tits are.

  15. The Pope of Cleveland

    …seen here at the moment of impact, moments before she was run over by what can only be described as a “hero for all mankind”.

  16. Cock Dr

    Debris & corpses from the March Japan earthquake continues to wash up on America’s west coast.
    Oh, that’s a live person? How can you tell?

  17. Mike

    I wonder if Iron Maiden has noticed their mascot is missing.

  18. Senor Trout

    Someone ran over her with a dump truck full of Age.

  19. pumpkin

    Looks like Madonna’s dyed her hair black again. And got a boob job.

  20. Is this another promo still from the new Pinocchio movie?

  21. She needs a sign “will blow you for nourishment”

  22. Ruh Roh

    Not pictured: Brendan Frasier.

  23. Well…I’d still rather do her than Snooki.

  24. reformed_druid

    You know that saying,”You can never be too rich or too thin”? You really can be too thin and rich ain’t gonna fix old.

  25. SCH

    your implant ripples are showing!

  26. Pipedreamer

    I’m melting…meeeeeeeellllting!

  27. Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to stop rubbing yourself on my trailer hitch…Yes, I understand it fits, very impressive.

  28. Asoto

    I only had 5 dollars, but she went for it! It wasn’t worth it, though. :(

  29. Lita

    Her tits look like whoopi cushions.

  30. If roughing you is wrong, I dont want to be right

    Now that Dick Clack has retired from public appearances, she things shes going to capitalized on his famous moniker. Not gonna happen.

  31. Chris

    I just had a flashback from The Shining.

  32. mark r


  33. Shorty80

    A study in human taxidermy.

  34. SIN

    Is there a Zombie movie being filmed somewhere because an extra is walking around.

  35. Turd Ferguson

    Fuck. No.

  36. She’s ageless. Like a mummified pterodactyl.

  37. Aftermarket Escalade accessories have officially gotten WAY out of hand at this point.

  38. Janice screaming to photographers: “I’m beautiful in my way, because God make no mistakes! At least, that’s what Gaga told me.”

  39. some guy

    You think this is bad, just picture her naked.

    …you’re welcome.

  40. Woofus

    I can see the wrinkles in her implants…time to switch back to sillicone gels lady

  41. You know, if I were to travel to Egypt, enter an ancient tomb that has been undisturbed for centuries, open an ornate and dusty sarcophagus, remove the thousands of years old wrapping, put the mummy in a purple dress, brunette wig, sunglasses and heels, it probably be pretty close. Maybe even better.

  42. vlad

    See what happens to a vampire when exposed to sunlight?

  43. Siloporcen7

    I guess the cougar thing can involve claw marks across the breast

  44. Whatever

    Zombie! Zombie! I knew this was soo gonna happen.

  45. Flesh Peddler

    Shouldn’t she be chasing Jeff Goldblum around the island or something?

  46. effie

    this brings to mind beef jerky.

  47. GuidotheRed

    Who gave that buzzard breast implants?

  48. brennan haley

    What a strange place to put a trailer hitch.

  49. ThighHighs

    Dress. Your. Age.

  50. Mark Twaint

    Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t mind if I were 85 years old.

    Mark Twaint

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