1. Ohdarling!

    Oh, shit, at first I thought it was Beck.

  2. Rolling Pebble?

  3. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    He’s big in North Korea

  4. Cock Dr

    This dwarf is HOT HOT HOT.

  5. JC

    Rolling Stone editors were reportedly embarrassed when they realized that they accidentally put someone with talent on the cover.

  6. Dinklage runs into the doctor’s office and says, “I want to see the doctor immediately.” The receptionist replies, “You’ll have to be a little patient.”

  7. Pete is the MAN. That is all.

  8. Dinklage has really stolen that TV program. It totally belongs to him. Well, him and the naked women, as well.

    • Dick Hell

      I just started watching the first season and I have to agree. Guess I’ll have to find my garden a new gnome.

  9. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Why do Dwarves go so well with Blood, Guts, and Pussy?

  10. Sure, celebrate the fact that he’s accomplished and is a dwarf…. by only showing his head…

  11. Johnny P!

    A talented actor, and the PERFECT choice to grace Rolling Stone’s first-ever pocket-sized flip-book issue.

  12. nick

    One of the precious few people working in Hollywood with some actual talent. What a man!

  13. EricLr

    Easily the biggest day for little people since that time Warwick Davis foiled that terrorist plot.

  14. I just hope that having the lead credit doesn’t mean he’s dead by the end of the season. Y’know…like last season.

    • Brandon

      If you read the books you’ll know these things. For instance, Ned died at the end of the first book, which is why he died at the end of the first season. As to whether Tyrion dies, I’m not telling you.

  15. R.

    I love him in game of thrones!

  16. dooood

    nobody tosses a dwarf

  17. yuuritm

    I love him. He is an inspiration to all.

  18. I finally want to buy a copy of Rolling Stone and it is because there is a dwarf on the cover. Never would have guessed.

  19. The Brown Streak

    I think even North Carolina would like to see Adam Lamberts wild ride inside Peter Dinklage.

  20. Blech

    So, I’ve decided that if I weren’t married, I’d do Dinklage over Skarsgard.

    That’s right.

  21. Count of Monte Fisto

    Sploosh ahoy! This cover makes me so happy, I just want to slap a blond-haired little shit in celebration.

  22. Banjobraids

    Hottest man in Hollywood right now.

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