1. Frank Burns

    He’s off to his ‘Marxism and Poetry’ class at the community college.

  2. EricLr

    Looks like someone is majoring in weed.

  3. Johnny P!

    “Now… where did I park my career?’

    • Yeah, it’s not like he has a shit-ton of money and can work as little or as much as he wants, or that his production company is behind Rock of Ages this summer, or that he has major roles in two other movies set to come out this year. Oh, wait—all of that is true.

  4. How hard can it be to find your white windowless van with “Free Candy” graffitied on the side?

  5. “People seem to think I’m really dirty. I’m so sick of it that I’m going to go down this bottle of Windex!”

  6. Boomer

    Uh-oh, when Tobey Maguire looks hotter than Johnny Depp, you know the world is seriously screwed up.

  7. Pierce Bronzetan

    What does that sign say in the backgrou… wait… did he just buy a bag full of penises?

  8. bigalkie

    Toby’s his slave name. His real name is Kin-ti-kunte

  9. That symbiote’s still fucking him up pretty bad.

  10. Swearin

    Uh oh, he just saw Andrew Garfield coming down the sidewalk. This won’t end well.

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