1. Anyone else think there may be a peen tucked in there?

  2. I didn’t know Gwyneth Paltrow was a an Olsen sister.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Was it raining grease that day?

  4. Govt. Cheese

    Most beautiful woman in the world huh? WOW!!!

  5. BP

    People Magazine may want to rethink this……

  6. Most beautiful woman in the world right there people.

  7. Extremis is a hell of a drug.

  8. amir

    GOOP… indeed.

  9. crucifer

    “lookin’ like some drowned, harassed rat”.

  10. In her new role at Drooper Tits.

  11. Oh Pepper! I just jizzed out a pinch of salt…


  13. i forgot to add OLD. Cant stand how People magazine always chooses these 40+ mediocre looking women, to make the vast majority of average janes out there feel good about themselves because they can relate to a non threatening female.

    • Agree because, for example, much as she grates the shit out of me with the attention whoring, Angelina Jolie is extraordinarily beautiful — or was in her prime — but I don’t recall her being declared most beautiful by People ever (correct me if I’m wrong, whatever) but yeah, sounds about right.

  14. rat in a rainstorm.

    you could dump a bucket of shit on Kate Beckinsale and she’d still look stunningly beautiful. this broad ‘the most beautiful?’. nah brah.

  15. lawn

    Her beauty is overwhelming; I’m not fit to share the Earth with this. Goodbye cruel world.

  16. sitsdeep

    Definitely left something out of her beauty regime that day.

  17. sitsdeep

    Must have been having a bad hair, face, hands, ass and clothes day. Oh well, we all have those..but, wait…I didn’t think princess did.

  18. Just think, lads. All that beauty, and a shaved pussy, too.

  19. Jenn

    I wish I could buy her for what she was worth, and sell her for what she thought she was worth; I’d never have to work again.

  20. Walk of shame, indeed…

  21. Pete

    If I didn’t know it was her, I’d think it was just another meth junkie with a bad leather jacket.

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