1. Damn, she’s off-putting.

  2. Demonstrating the SEXY way to cover up missing teeth…

  3. she looks liek Calypso

  4. Pine Table Fever

    Every time I see a picture of her I begin to feel incredibly nauseous. Exactly like that feeling you get after drinking a litre of milk followed by two large glasses of orange juice and smoking four cigarettes.

  5. Dammit, you made me go back to see if her tits were exposed…

  6. Oh, did I get all the coke off my teeth?

  7. what is wrong with the minds of younger adults these days, they seem compelled to display their tongues. are they daring us to grab them BY those? ew ew ew! rihanna drool! no thanks!

  8. I just lost all respect for Talib Kweli.

  9. carpaltunnel

    Looks like the pig/bat combination that started the plague in ‘Contagion’.

  10. Later

    is it trendy to look like shit these days? what is this? yeah she IS hot, but why not dress or behave for that matter with a little more class…

  11. I’m sure that’s very sexy in the ghetto.

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