1. Are you sure that’s not Ziggy Marley?

  2. BP

    Now Starring in the Dzokhar Tsarnaev Story……..

  3. j/k

    Brad Lion in the hizzy!

  4. tlmck

    Looks like a saggy head condom.

  5. Hipster Smurf was into Smurfing long before it got all “Smurfy”.

  6. The meter’s not broke mon, it be 80 green ones for the ride

  7. Jah!! Rastafari!!!

  8. It’s nice to see Ras-Trent made into a feature film, but they should have kept Samberg on the role.

  9. popwilleatitself

    That’s a lesbo hat and are his sunglasses frameless and is he wearing makeup?

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