1. She’s sexy and she knows it.

  2. Someone has a nasty case of lice.

  3. Deacon Jones

    “Eyes up top! Eyes up top! (calmer) Yes…yessss, look how hot I am, yessss..”

  4. BP

    Great Rack Miss UUpton!

  5. It’s not a real green dress — that’s cruel.

  6. volleyball

    Hey Honey, Busy Tonight? How bout you & me & some chicken mcnuggets? Forget george cloney, brad pitt, & leo. I got a cozy 1 bedroom with some chicken pot pies waiting for you. Yeah baby.

  7. Not a fan but she looks cute here. I like the green dress

  8. Katy Perry Syndrome.

  9. Interred Ferguson

    Never woulda guessed it was her…something about her face at that angle…you can’t see the chunky broad hiding inside her, screaming to get out…don’t get me wrong, though…she’s supremely humpable

    • Interred Ferguson

      P.S. Kinda looks like she’s trying to tease “pulling a Bertney” with the bottom half of the dress as it is……bet there’s no caesarian scar lurking under THAT sumbich……..

  10. NOT, bitch. Just NOT all o’ that. OK. Be told.

  11. Lisa


  12. WTF is with the brown moles all over her?

  13. tom

    Not muscle tone whatsoever. She’s not going to age beautifully.

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